Citizenship through Investment Program


    Since time immemorial, Turkey has been regarded as a highly desirable destination due to its unique geographic position. Today, it is also one of the most respected countries in the world thanks to its political stability and economic structure. Welcoming countless visitors, investors, and Global citizens throughout the ages, Turkey continues to be an everlasting center of attraction with its pristine nature and stable four-season climate.
    In order to keep up with this unfading demand, “Regulation on the Implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law” has been amended as follows and was announced in the Official Gazette volume 30540 on 19.09.2018


  • Fixed capital investment amount has been reduced to $ 500.000.
  • The required property investment amount is $ 250.000 and the property must be held for three years.
  • Creating employment for a minimum of 50 people is essential when investing by means of economic contribution.
  • The minimum required amount to deposit in Turkish banks has been reduced to $ 500.000 (with a condition not to withdraw for 3 years)
  • The minimum required amount to invest in government debt instruments has been reduced to $ 500.000 (with a retention period of 3 years)
  • Real Estate Investment Trust or VCT amounts have been reduced to $500.000, provided that it is checked by the CMB


  • Process expected to finalise between 2-6 months after the application is made
  • Dependent children (under the age of 18) may be included in the application
  • The Republic of Turkey accepts dual citizenship
  • No obligation to declare foreign income
  • No language requirements
  • No obligation to reside in the country
  • Turquoise card holders may apply for citizenship by making the specified investments


  • Real estate purchases made between the dates 12.01.2017-18.09.2018 require a minimum value of $1.000.000 while purchases made after 19.09.2018 require a minimum value of $250.000
  • Real estate purchased must not have been transferred after 12.01.2017

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