Antigua & Barbuda is the ninth largest country in the Carribbeans with a total area of 442 km2 and a population over 90.000. This economical citizenship program allows you and your family visa-travel to over 130 countries.
  • Fast processing means applications are finalised within 3-4 months,
  • Inclusion of dependent children under age 26 and parents above age 58,
  • No requirement to visit Antigua & Barbuda during the application process,
  • No interviews are requested. There are also no minimum requirements for education or managerial experience,
  • Visa-free travel to over 130 countries including the Schengen Zone, the U.K., Hong Kong and Singapore,
  • No foreign income tax,
  • Antigua and Barbuda accepts dual citizenship.


    Citizenship through Investment Program was put into effect in 2012. The applicants must meet the criteria below and fulfill one of the investment options detailed in the “Investment Options” section to qualify for citizenship.
  • Must exhibit outstanding character,
  • Hold no criminal record,
  • Have excellent health,
  • High income,
  • Spend a total of at least 5 days in Antigua and Barbuda within a period of 5 years after having obtained citizenship (This applies to the family members included in the application form).

    The government of Antigua & Barbuda takes proactive steps to make circumstances convenient for the investors. The Citizenship through Investment Program was established to promote economic growth and attract foreign investment.

    1.Contribution to the National Development Fund (NDF) or Charitable Donation
    High Net Worth Individuals may make a contribution of $250.000 to the NDF or any other approved charity. Please note that for family members under the age of 18, the government reduced this amount to 100.000$ without any processing fees for a short period of time.

    2.Real Estate Investment
    The investor must purchase a approved property valued at $400.000. This real estate must be registered under the investor’s name for a minimum of 5 years. The investor must also pay the title deed cost, processing fees and taxes.

    3.Business Investment
    The investor may be qualified to make a citizenship application upon investing a minimum $1.500.000 in a business pre-approved by the government. Two or more applicants can make a joint investment in which each investor is expected to invest a minimum of 400.000$. Total amount invested in joint investments must be minimum $5.000.000.


    The fees are calculated based on the number of dependents, the main applicant’s country of origin, residency and other services along with organizing the application process for the main applicant’s passport and citizenship. Consultancy service fees are non-refundable and need to be paid in two installments. Please note that all application fees applicable by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda and Sen International may be subject to change. Contact us for detailed information regarding the costs of the program.


    In both options, there will also be the additional fees listed below. These change depending on the size of the family. The government may change additional fees periodically. Please contact us for the current fees.

    Processing Fees
  • Main Applicant: $50.000
  • Spouse: $50.000
  • For each dependent under age 18: $25.000
  • For each dependent above age 18: 50.000$

  • Due Dilligence Fees
  • Main Applicant:$7.500
  • Spouse: $7.500
  • For each dependent between age 12-17: $2.000
  • For each dependent above age 17: 4.000$
  • The cost of biometric passport is $300 per person.

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