Citizenship by Investment Program


Republic of Malta offers its investors the advantages of being a member of the British Economic Community as well as providing a politically and economically stable environment. Malta has attracted attention as being one of two countries, along Germany, to overcome the financial crises and maintain a steady economic growth in the European Region. The Maltese banking system is renowned for being one of the most reliable in the world.

Malta has been a member of the European Union since 2004, and has been a Schengen Area country since 2007. The citizenship status gained with this program provides life-long citizenship rights that future generations can benefit from as well. Maltese citizenship also provides access to all investment opportunities that are open to European Union citizens.

Maltese Citizenship by Investment is made possible through the Maltese Citizenship Law, which entered into force on November 2013, and the amendments made to the Maltese Law Chapter 188. With the latest regulations in February 2014, the Malta Investment Program was approved by the European Union and its legal framework was established.


  • Schengen Residency Status granted with the application
  • 166 visa-free access points, including USA, UK and Canada,
  • Citizenship / passport issued within 1 year.
  • Status that can be transferred to family members and to future generations
  • European Union member state citizenship and the right to live permanently in EU countries,
  • Health and Education related social rights provided to all citizens,
  • Offers tax advantages


Citizenship applicants are expected to make the following contributions and investments.

1. Contribution to National Development and Social Assistance (Non-returnable amount)
In order to qualify for Maltese citizenship through investment, the main applicant must be able to participate with €650,000. Spouses and children must contribute €25,000 each. Non-married children between the ages of 18 and 26, and dependents above the age of 55 must contribute €50.000 each.

2. Real Estate Investment
The applicant is required to make a real estate purchase of €350,000 or rent a property for a minimum of five years with an annual rent of minimum €16,000. This investment is required to be kept for five years.

3. Bonds / Stocks Investment
The applicant will invest at least €150,000 in bonds and stocks approved by the Government of Malta for a period of five years. This investment should be made to financial instruments that are expected to be beneficial to the island and have been confirmed by the government.


Resident taxpayers who do not live in Malta can benefit from tax exemption. Accordingly, those who live in Malta but who do not have their permanent address in Malta are not taxed for their foreign incomes. Any kind of capital income earned outside Malta cannot be taxed regardless of whether the taxpayer has tax exemption or not. Tax can only be applied for income and capital revenues acquired in Malta. A resident who does not live in Malta can only be taxed for his Maltese income.


    The following processes should be completed within 12 to 14 months in order to obtain the prestigious Maltese Passport.
  • The process begins with the signing of the Consultancy Service Agreement.
  • After the preparation of the documents a trip to Malta is organized for the application of the residency permit.
  • The right to move freely within the EU and the Schengen areas is granted with the acquisation of Residency cards (obtained within a month)
  • The relevant contribution and investment costs are paid after the preliminary approval is received.
  • After the final confirmation of citizenship, travel to Malta is organized for the application of a passport and the citizenship ceremony.

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